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Through the power of sport, we help people discover and pursue their passions, talents and purpose in order to live a life of balance and positive contribution.

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"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers. Sport laughs in the face of all types of discrimination."


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The Everyday Champions Program is designed to enhance the well-being of Oregon State University’s student-athletes. It is comprised of clubs and groups, workshops and speakers, events, and industry pipelines, all which give Beaver student-athletes an opportunity to grow holistically, both personally and professionally, while developing the leadership skills to enter into the real world with poise, conviction, and a drive to succeed.

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To aid in the holistic development of our student-athletes, we provide a robust infrastructure of opportunities that meet the needs of our diverse student-athlete population.  We aim to foster an environment where student-athletes can be successful, but embrace and believe in the power of self-discovery.

Individual Meetings

Student-athletes are encouraged to meet a minimum of once per term with a member of the student-athlete development staff.  Each team is provided with a member of the staff to meet the team’s unique needs and time demands.


Student run initiatives around a cause that helps develop true and genuine leadership skills while fostering fellowship with likeminded student-athletes.


Professional instruction that provides knowledge or skills that are universally relevant and can be directly applied to influence personal and professional growth.


Curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of student-athletes and foster skill sets required to succeed personally and professionally.


An opportunity to formally recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments of our student-athletes.


Defined, multi-faceted program that provides mentoring, exposure, and preparation in a chosen career field.

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Signature Programs

What Sets Us Apart.

Oregon State Athletics strives to be a national leader in the personal and professional development of our student-athletes.  To accomplish this goal, we’ve developed several authentic programs that are distinctive within collegiate athletics.

Beaver Athlete Sustainability Team

Student-athletes meet three times per quarter focusing on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and promoting new ideas to make the athletic department and campus more green.

Beavers Without Borders

Seven-day international service trip designed to expose student-athletes to a third world country while participating in a large-scale service project. Purposefully using sport as a vehicle for social change, bringing student-athletes from various communities together while enhancing the holistic student experience.

Captain’s Table

Student-athletes designated as captain's and underclass SA's nominated by their coaches are invited to attend a quarterly dinner to learn about leadership, problem solve, and listen to an alumni's message about development and opportunity.

Beavers Without Borders

Beavers Without Borders has been to four countries, giving opportunities for student-athletes to serve the world and explore various cultures.

Industry Pipelines

Defined, multi-faceted program that provides mentoring, exposure, and preparation in a chosen career field. Student-athletes who participate in the pipeline are provided with tangible skills and experience through career exploration and workshops.


BeavsCARE (Corvallis Athletes Reaching Everyone) is a community service based group created by student-athletes for the sole purpose of connecting with and impacting the OSU community. Building positive relationships and impacting the community at all age levels is a prime component of this group.

SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)

Student-athletes from all sports represent Oregon State discussing legislation, policies and procedures that are revelant to the student-athlete experience at Oregon State, the PAC 12 and the NCAA; acts as the governing and voting body for the student-athlete population at large.

Real Talk

Safe space and affiliation group for students of color and allies; opportunity to discuss issues related to being a student of color on campus, in Corvallis, and nationally. Topics range from sports and politics to music and mainstream media.

Beavs BeTrue

Safe space and affiliation group for student-athletes who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies; opportunity to discuss issues pertinent to the gay and trans communities while increasing awareness and promoting fellowship.

International SA Club

Safe space and affiliation group for international student-athletes to create a sense of community and promote fellowship; gatherings include games, education from the international student office, potlucks, and language development.


Each year we produce a series of first-class events designed to recognize, celebrate and serve.


Spotlight The benny's

As part of the Everyday Champions: all student-athletes are invited to attend a sport-related awards show at the conclusion of the academic year. Student-athletes are recognized and honored for their many accomplishments on the field of play.

Academic Achievement Dinner

Recognizing top accolades and performances in the classroom.

Otherside Talent Show

See our student-athletes' "other" side as they show off their lesser know talents.

trick or treat

Student-athletes from every team dressed for the annual Trick-or-Treat Through Gill.

Trick-or-Treat Through Gill

Teams vie for the coveted best group costume prize, while delivering candy to hundreds of local children.

Senior Brunch

Four years can fly by. The Senior Brunch offers and opportunity for our graduates to reflect on their accomplishments with friends and family as they prepare to transition to the next phase of their lives.

Oregon State's network of successful former student-athletes still actively engaged with the program serves as one of our greatest strengths. Visit the Varsity OSU home pagefor more info.

Networking Night

In collaboration with the OSU Career Development Center, employers from various industries are invited to participate in a networking evening with student-athletes. Serves as an opportunity for student-athletes to gain valuable experience talking to employers, dressing the part, landing an internship, and learning about the job search process.

Varsity OSU Mixer

An opportunity for current student-athletes to mix and mingle in a casual setting with various alumni; through the event mentorship, advice, and connection are made due to the love of sport and Oregon State athletics.

Mock Interviews

Student-athletes sit with various alumni and hiring managers to conduct a mock interview; interviews last 15 minutes with an opportunity for immediate feedback. Student-athletes gain tangible skills through participation ensuring they feel more confident and market ready.

Beaver Athlete Network

The Beaver Athlete Network was built specifically for our current and alumni student-athletes to have access to robust and diverse services, mentorship programs, and career opportunities to keep them informed and connected. We are also committed to building deeper relationships and connections with our former student-athletes through the Beaver Athlete Network. Please contact Alexis.Serna@oregonstate.edu for access.

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Developing Everyday Champions at Oregon State is focused on three main areas of development: personal, leadership and professional.

Personal Development

Healthy Lifestyles
  Nutrition Seminars
Student-Athlete Development Program
Decision-Making Seminars

Financial Literacy Programs
Community Service
Athletic Identity
Multicultural Awareness

LGBTQ+ Awareness
Academic Support



Leadership Development

Beaver Athletic Susainability Team
International SA Club
Women LEAD
Beyond Football
Post Graduate Scholarships
Beavers Without Borders

Real Talk

Beavs BeTrue


Professional Development

SA Courses
Grad School Prep
Resume Development
Job Networking
Industry Pipelines
Internship / Job Placement
Varsity OSU


Community Service

Oregon State Athletics is committed to providing transformational and educational service opportunities for OSU student-athletes that strengthen the Corvallis community and surrounding areas.

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Beyond Football

The Beyond Football initiative is a pioneering venture initially focused on the football program that will provide transformational personal and professional experiences that create productive leaders for life.

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Oregon State's student-athlete development program sets student-athletes up for success.

Staff to student ratio

OSU Athletics has four full time staff members and two graduate assistants dedicated to the personal and professional development of our student-athletes.

Individual progress assessments

one-on-one support with a member of the student-athlete development staff to assess growth and work through any troubles or difficulties related to personal and professional development.

External Partners

we utilize Kaplan, Helper Helper, Athlete Network, and GamePlan to improve and streamline your access to information and opportunity.

Campus Collaboration

we work closely with Student Health Services, CAPS, College of Business, College of Engineering, Honors College, Student Experiences & Engagement, Cultural Centers, Office of Institutional Diversity, ASOSU, Career Development Center, and Educational Opportunities Program.

Defined course of action

student-athletes are presented with a recommended sequence of programming to foster their continued growth

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Executive Staff